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Citizen's Charter


ANew Water Connection
1For Owner/Tenants within Corporation Limit
  1. Completion/Sanction letter of building from M.C. Shimla.
  2. Tax clearance report from M.C. Shimla
  3. Proof of ownership of the building though revenue papers.Correct site plan on tracing cloth through licensed plumber duly signed by owner/tenants & plumber showing:
    • Name of nearby building, paths & roads.
    • Location & Dia of the mainline
    • Location & Dia of the branch line
    • The number of existing connections at the connection point.
  4. The number of water connections in the building with the name & A/C number.
  5. N.O.C of the owner in shape of an affidavit, in case of a tenant.
  6. ID Proof: Ration Card, Electricity Bill
a) New water connection fee

  • .5 (1/2)inch- Rs. 2,550/-
  • 1 inch- Rs.11000/-(one-inch pipes are laid in case of the supply of bulk water in governmental institution/societies on the request of government) and if a 2-inch pipe is required than rate will increase accordingly.
  • Charges of Rs. 5,550/- for a new connection in Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Constructions, Religious Places, Hospital& for outside M.C. limit.

b) Meter Security deposits in INR/Non-Refundable one connection time charges

  • Domestic Rs 2,550
  • Commercial Rs. 5,550 Meter Charges

c) Construction

  • Domestic (construction) Rs. 2,550
  • Commercial (construction) Rs. 5,550
  • Governmental Institution Rs. 11,000 (in case of one-inch pipe)

Rates (INR) for Water Services

A. For Domestic Water Connection

i) Within M.C. Limit

Rates in Rs.
0 to 20 Kilo Ltrs
14.50 per kilo ltr.
20 to 30 Kilo Ltrs
Rs. 25/- per kilo ltr.
Above 30 Kilo Ltrs.
45/- per kilo ltr.
Minimum Maintenance Charges/Plugged-
100/- per month.

ii) Outside M.C. Limit.

0-3 Kilo Ltrs.
0 (No minimum maintenance charges)
3 to 20 Kilo Ltrs
Rs. 33/- per Kilo Ltr.
20 to 30 Kilo Ltrs
Rs.50/- per Kilo Ltr.
Above 30 Kilo Ltrs.
Rs. 70/- per Kilo Ltr.
Minimum Maintenance Charges/Plugged-
200/- per month.
2 Months
2For Allottee of Govt. or Semi Govt. Accommodation
  1. Copy of allotment letter in favor of the applicant from the competent authority if water connection is being transferred to another employee but in case of
  2. Fresh allotment, filled form(application), affidavit, site plan and Copy of allotment letter in favor of the applicant from the competent authority
Rates in Rs.
0 to 20 Kilo Ltrs
Rs. 14.50 per Kilo Ltr.
20 to 30 Kilo Ltrs
Rs. 25/- per kilo ltr.
Above 30 Kilo Ltrs.
Rs. 45/- per kilo ltr.
Minimum Maintenance Charges/Plugged-
Rs. 100/- per month.
3Connection Applied by a Particular Govt. /Semi Govt. Contractor.
  1. Proof of award of work.
  2. Undertaking from the competent authority that in case of contractor fails to make the regular payments of water bills, the amount of water bill shall be recovered from the said contractor from his bill and payment will be made to SJPNL
B) Commercial Water Connections within & outside M.C. Limit:

Rates in Rs.
Up to 20,000 Ltrs
Rs. 40/- Per Kilo Ltr.
Up to 30,000 Ltrs. Rs
62.90 Per Kilo Ltr.
30,000 Ltrs. to 75,000 Ltrs.
Rs. 83.60 Per Kilo Ltr.
Above 75,000 Ltrs.
Rs. 115 Per Kilo Ltr
In case of defective water meters
Rs. 5,845/- Per month
Minimum Maintenance Charges/Plugges-
Rs 200/- per month
4For Buildings Outside Corporation Limit.
  1. Completion/Sanction letter of building from the competent authority.
  2. Proof of ownership of the building though revenue papers.
  3. Correct site plan on tracing cloth through licensed plumber duly signed by owner & plumber showing:
    • Name of nearby building, paths & roads.
  4. Location & Dia of the main line.
  5. Location & Dia of the branch line
  6. The number of existing connection at a connection point.
  7. N.O.C from the Nagar Panchayat /SADA, regarding the release of water connection.
  8. Affidavit by the applicant that water will be used for domestic use.
C) Exclusively for Commercial Establishment i.e. Hotel/Restaurants etc.

Rates in Rs.
0 to 30 Kilo Ltrs.
Rs 79.086- per Kilo Ltr.
30 to 75 Kilo Ltrs.
Rs. 106.50/-per Kilo Ltr.
Above 75 Kilo Ltrs.
Rs. 146.40/- per Kilo Ltr.
In the case of a defected water meter
Rs. 5,845 per month
Minimum Maintenance Charges/Plugges
Rs. 200/- per month

D) Building Construction Water Connection Within & Outside M.C. Limit.

  • Building Construction Connections Rs. 115/- per Kilo Ltrs.
  • In case Consumption is less than 8,000 Ltrs Rs. 1,064/- per month.
  • In the case of defected water meter Rs. 5,845 per month
  • Minimum Maintenance Charges/Plugged – Rs. 200/- per month.

E) Govt. Institution, Hospitals, Dharamshalas & Religious Places within & outside M.C. Limit:

  • Rate of Water Charges Rs. 63/-per kilo Ltrs.
  • Minimum Charges to be paid if consumption is less than 8,000 Ltrs. Rs. 532 per month
  • In the case of defected water meter Rs. 5,845 per month
  • Minimum Maintenance Charges/Plugged Rs. 200/-per month.

Note: Water Rates will be increased by 1% every year i.e. on the 1st day of April

5Supply of Water by Tanker
  • Customer’s formal request acknowledged through payment for the service
  • Request made personally
  • Request through customer care/control room
  • 2,000 Ltrs. Capacity Tanker  Rs. 1,350 per tanker for commercial purposes.
  • 2,000 Ltrs. Capacity Tanker-INR-1,000/- per tanker for domestic use.
  • 4,000 Ltrs. Capacity Tanker Rs. 2,700/- per tanker for commercial use.
  • 6,000 Ltrs. Capacity Tanker Rs.4,050/-per tanker.
  • 6,000 Ltrs. Capacity Tanker Rs. 4050/- for domestic use.
  • 8,000 Ltrs. Capacity Tanker Rs.5400/-per tanker for a commercial user
  • 8,000 Ltrs. Capacity Tanker-Rs. 5400/- per tanker for domestic use.

Supply of Water Tanker for social causes will be free.

24 hrs. (after receiving complaint)
BMeter Reading and Billing
6Meter reading Meter Serving • Access/VisitInstallationFree
Monthly 7days
7Meter TestingAccess/Visit5024 hrs
8Billing CycleAutomaticFree30 days
9Billing EnquiriesDialFree1-24 hrs
10Billing Query ResolutionAccount number/ Phone number
FreeOn one billing cycle/30 days)
11Final BillingFinal bill be issued after correctionPayment of final bill based on final readings after meter testing or based on the reading.1-3 days


  • Maintenance of meters will be done by consumer/customer
  • An immediate report in writing has to submit by consumer/customer to SJPNL regarding break down of meters.
  • The new meter will be installed within two months by SJPNL after getting a complaint from consumer/customer.
  • Water bill after installation of a meter will be charged on the last meter reading issued to the customer/consumer earlier.
  • If report regarding ill-functioning or theft of meter is not registered to SJPNL by customer/consumer then water bill will be charged on the highest meter reading of the last 6 month.
  • If the customer/consumer uses domestic water connection for other purposes then the tariff of domestic connection will be converted into construction/commercial tariff and the bill will be charged on the same basis. In addition to this penalty of Rs. 5,000/- will be imposed on customer/consumer for the misuse of water.
  • Only one connection will be allotted to the owner of building whereas meter for tenants will be installed separately after completing formalities of relevant documents along with the copy of rent deed.
  • A fee of Rs. 150 will be charged for re-connection of water.
  • A penalty of Rs. 5,000/- will be imposed on the customer/consumer if it is found in the on-site visit that water is being used by customer/consumer after requesting SJPNL for plugging of water connection.


AWater Related
1Re-connection on disconnection due to non-payment of bill On request/ mode of disconnection will be detected;Re-connection will be issued after a meeting.Rs. 150/-1 day
2Illegal connection-commercial, construction(fraud or dummy connection)Access/Site VisitRs. 115/- per kilolitre1 day
3Illegal connection domestic-(fraud, dummy connection)Access/Site VisitRs. 5,000/- and disconnection of water connection.1 day
4Disconnection of supply at the request of the customerCo-operationFree1-5 days
5Refund of security depositsApplication for de-enrolment
  • Rs. 1,000/- will be refunded for allottee of government accommodation.
  • Non-refundable for other categories i.e. domestic, commercial
14 days
6Water Quality Complaints
  • Dial 1916
  • E-mail on____and lodge in web portal
  • Report to Junior Engineer of the concerned department.
Free1 day
BSewer Related
7Sewer connection
  • Approved Map and Sanctioned letter of building.
  • Proof of water connection in the name of the applicant (water bill)
  • Prescribed Application form

Copies of

  • ID Proof.
  • Pin No.
  • Approval of construction by M.C. Shimla


  • For a new building, water & sewerage connection can be applied simultaneously
  • The water connection form can be had on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday only.
  • The complete connection application will be entertained only on Monday after getting checked from AE-I/AE-II, WS&SD., M.C. Shimla/ SJPNL
  • Sewerage user charges will be charged extra Rs 100/- from user consuming water up to 20-kilo Ltrs. & @ 30% of water charges from the users consuming water above 20-kilo Ltrs per month.
Residential-Rs. 1,000/-per seat
Commercial-Rs. 3,000/-per seat
14 days
8Sewer reconnectionOn request/demand
  • Rs. 1,000/- per seat
  • Rs. 3,000/- per seat
1-2 days
9Sewer Overflows/blockagesReports/NoticeOn demand of owner/lessee plumber will be deputed and charges will be charged as per the intensity of the problem.1-2 days
10Private Sewer UnblockingThe owner/lessee is responsible for private sewer unblocking.Charges will be met by owner or lessee2 days
11Booking of ExhausterThe customer makes a request through exhauster requisition form indicating all the necessary details on:-

  • Type of facility to be exhausted.
  • Accessibility of site
  • Site location(a sketch of the site plan is indicated on the request form)
  • The number of loads.
Charges within Jurisdiction of M.C. Shimla
Rs.1,700/- per trip.
10 days
12Private exhauster(dumdum into company’s sewer system)Requirements for licensing of private exhausters:

  • Waste transportation license issued by SJPNL.
  • Approval of SJPNL.
  • Filling of an Application Form.
  • Inspection of the exhauster equipment by SJPNL’s Mechanical Engineer
Rs.____per trip( Not fixed yet)


SJPNL attempts to redress the complaints and grievances of employees through a well-framed Grievance Redressal Cell that ensures expeditious settlement of grievances within the stipulated time frame. In this regard, grievance registration can be made either through customer service centers, call centers, website, digital platform; social media, etc. The entire process will be linked to the customer database of SJPNL. At the time of registration of Grievance/ Complaint, an automatic acknowledgment will be generated and the details will be shared with Concerned Ward Councilor.


  • Keep our grievance redressal machinery open and interactive.
  • Grievance/Complaints are acknowledged and efforts are made to redress within the mentioned timeline.


To facilitate the provision of the above services in a sustainable manner, the customer shall also be expected to oblige to the following:

  • Teat the SJPNL staff with courtesy.
  • Avail all information requested by SJPNL for the execution of service.
  • Abide by the legal requirements and desist from acts of illegal usage of water.
  • Avoid collisions and compromises that would lead to defrauding the organization.
  • Report to SJPNL all matters that they deem to have a negative impact on service provision and especially any illegal practices observed in their area. SJPNL shall treat the same with utmost confidence.
  • Report leaks, bursts and any illegal connections witnessed for appropriate Company action.
  • Pay for bill invoiced and update any changes in personal details promptly.
  • Facilitate access to meters for proper readings.
  • Maintain service lines after the meter to avoid water loss through leakage.
  • Practice the rational use of water in order to preserve and optimize the available water.
  • Ensure the meter is at_____mm above the ground and installed near the entrance to the property.
  • Register for E-billing on the________ to receive monthly bills on your phone.


We value customer suggestions and complaints about improving our standards of services constantly:
Suggestions/Complaints can be made by dialing_____or visit our website
In the case of non-redressal of a complaint, you can also contact

1Er.Gopal KishanAdditional General Manager (Sewerage)9418024204
2Er.Rajesh KashyapAdditional General Manager (Water Production)9418474747
3Er.Harmesh BhatiaAdditional General Manager (Water Distribution)9805267556
4Er.Sushil SharmaManager (Water Distribution)9418059090
5Er. Mehboob SheikhManager (Water Distribution)9418045400
6Er.Adarsh BhottaManager (Sewerage)9418071484
7Er.Lalit SharmaManager (Sewerage)9817709553
8Er.Umesh SoodManager (Water Production)9418060730
9Er.Umesh SharmaManager (Water Production)9418041574
10Er.Ranjeev SharmaManager (Water Production)7018787660
11Er.Adarsh ChauhanManager (Water Distribution)7018712466
12Er.AbhishekJunior Engineer (Water Distribution)8988031042
13Er.KushalJunior Engineer (Water Distribution)8894444006
14Er.HemantJunior Engineer (Water Distribution)8091728373
15Er.ShubhamJunior Engineer (Water Distribution)7018228585
16Er.Rajesh MandhotraJunior Engineer (Water Distribution)8219610632
17Er.Pushp RajJunior Engineer (Water Distribution)9418084144
18Er.Roop LalJunior Engineer (Sewerage)9418183470
19Er.AdityaJunior Engineer (Sewerage)9459040879
20Er.SanjayJunior Engineer (Sewerage)7807306219
21Er.NavneetJunior Engineer (Sewerage)7018317480
22Er.ParveenJunior Engineer (Water Production)7018479271
23Er. Anil Junior Engineer (Water Production)9418090578
24Er.AkashJunior Engineer (Water Production)9459797782
25Er. Ram KrishanJunior Engineer (Water Production)8219250981
26Er.VandanaJunior Engineer (Sewerage)9459896078