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How Shimla saves water, drop by drop

Post Date : 18/10/2019

Customer Review

Post Date : 27/05/2019

Residents of Shimla sharing there view of good water facility provided by SJPNL.

Press Conference

Post Date : 07/05/2019

SJPNL ‘s MD cum CEO Dr. Dharmendra Gill addressing a press conference.

Customer Review

Post Date : 21/05/2019

Raaja Bhasin is a Historian and author of many books on Himachal Pradesh talks about the water system of shimla in the past and the good work done by SJPNL in water work in Shimla

Customer Review

Post Date : 18/05/2019

Sanjay sood President of Shimla Hotel and Restaurant Association tell us about how the Hotel Industry in shimla town is feeling about the work of SJPNL.